What I’ve Been Reading: Kings of the Wyld, by Nicholas Eames.

Kings of the Wyld.jpg


I would just like to start this post by saying that this book absolutely rocks! What I picked up as an experimental foray back into fantasy became a hilarious thrill ride from start to finish. Nicholas Eames has an extraordinary talent for story-telling and the fantasy genre.

Where most books in the fantasy genre go too deep into their world building or development of magic systems, Kings of the Wyld (KotW from now on) is the perfect dose of lore and action. Eames crafts a beautiful story using the characters as the fore front of the story. In his world, where monsters and hidden terrors rule an expansive forest called “The Heartwyld”, there are groups of Mercenaries called “Bands” which are best described as rock star groups. Seriously, Eames’ concept of “bands” goes perfectly into a literal sense of rock stars of yore. Imagine if the Rolling Stones were a group of mercenaries, now age them 40 years into the future and you have the basic premise of the story. The boys are quite literally back in town.

The real area that this story flourished was in the characters and their development. Clay Cooper, once a rock star of the mercenary space is now a grizzled old man called back into action by the bands “Front man” to rescue his ambitious daughter who is an apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree. The crew is joined also by a fat old king, a dagger wielding bad-ass, and a wizard with a thriving business selling potions to cure the ailment of erectile dysfunction.

Honestly, I thought I lost my love for the fantasy genre, but the Kings of the Wyld brought it back like the Kool-Aid man bursting through the wall complete with the iconic “OH YEAH” we all know and love. This novel was a gut punching, face-melting-guitar-solo of a thrill ride. I highly recommend that you read it, it’s on Amazon right now for $4.99. No, I’m not a spokes person for Amazon or Mr. Eames, but just like the band in the novel, I’d go to hell and back for a story like this.

As for what’s next on my reading queue, I’ve got Glen Cooks, The Black Company series. I’m pretty excited to start that as well.



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