Working Retail and Writing: A How-to

If anyone has any tips, please let me know because at the end of the day, when I come home from work, I’m exhausted. However, with the mind numbing work that accompanies retail, I find myself thinking on and on about endless scenarios in which my characters could find themselves. Even with such a minuscule amount of writing already done on this project, I find myself overwhelmed with possibilities.

When you work retail, you body is pretty much the only thing being used. Thankfully, that gives the mind an opportunity to put in some real work. Character development, plot scenarios, and thinking of how not to put in some forced romantic sub-plot take over as your feet pace the store for the hundred-thousandth time, and you might as well be in you own world (no pun intended). I believe that I am FAR from being a master at writing, but I believe that some of the ways that I’ve concocted to keep the mind busy while your body works can be helpful to others in the same boat.

For instance, I try and place myself in my characters shoes. As I walk around the store, I try and imagine what would be going on around me if I were in the story. I’m not saying that I am slaying dragons or swinging around a plunger like some sort of lunatic. However, trying to escape reality if for only a second is enough to come up with some really great material. I for one love to look at the tiny idiosyncrasies behind my managers insufferable attitude as inspiration for my own villains and enemies. Even the incompetence of management can be useful for coming up with great plot scenarios involving a failing chain of command.

The real meat and potatoes of what I’m saying is that nothing is off limits when thinking of writing inspiration, as I’m sure most of you know. However, there are some clever parallels that can be formed from certain situations in a retail environment. They key is to be creative and try your hardest not to let the retail workplace crush your soul into a pulp.

If any of you have any methods or idea’s yourselves, feel free to mention them below!






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